Collaboration: On the Edge of a New Paradigm

Collaboration: On the Edge of a New Paradigm is the original film that catalyzed the creation of Network Affect. You can read more about our story and the “network affect” of this film here. It was started by Alfred Birkegaard and Katja Gry Carlsen under the project name Collaborative Society. Daniel and Will (Network Affect team) came on board during the post-production phase to assist with various aspects of the project. The film premiered in 2014 as an official selection at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.

See below for more information and to watch the full documentary. You can also view more info, as well as interviews and clips from the film at the Collaborative Society Website:


Are we on the edge of a new era of collaboration? Where did the new paradigm come from and how does it disrupt the way we understand, learn and create knowledge and science? This documentary is a curious journey into the refractive surfaces inevitably occurring when change is stirring the previous ways of doing and rendering old practices obsolete. Are you prepared for the changes we are all facing? Because it is how you use the new technology that will shape the way it grows and set the tone of what’s possible in the future.

The documentary is based on Alfred Birkegaard’s PhD in Philosophy, but is created to communicate to a broader crowd. The film is relevant for teachers, students, companies, bio-hackers, professors, philosophers and researchers and other curious souls who wish to uncover clues and insight about the dynamics of collaboration. The film features interviews with leading practitioners within the field of collaboration. Exploring an interwoven knowledge network comprised of Cyber-lawyers, Bio-hackers, Scientists, Scholars, Professors, Makers + Hackers, Educators and members of the Open-Science community acknowledging the need for a new system and learning culture that takes collaboration seriously.

Watch the documentary here:

Collaboration – A documentary from Collaborative Society on Vimeo.